eekmasec Global

’eekmasec Global FZE ’
It's a free zone establishment in JAFZA-Dubai, under the laws of Dubai-UAE, with license No. 152736.

The company is part of 'eekmasec Group' and a Global Trading Company; providing global procurement solutions, in accordance to its license from JAFZA, Dubai. Our Group of companies is Managed by 'eekmasec education solutions ltd', a London based company, under 'eekmasec Group' Corporate Governance Policy.

In accordance to the company’s license from JAFZA-Dubai, the company is now in the process of Manufacturing & Assembling of Electrical Equipment as follow:

1. Telecommunications Equipment Trading

2. Solar Energy Systems & Components Trading

3. Environment Protection Equipment Trading

4. Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Equipment Trading

5. Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading

6. Wireless Equipment & Instruments Trading

7. Satellite Receiving Equipment Trading

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