eekmasec UK

’eekmasec systems UK ltd’
It's a limited liability Company, duly incorporated under the Laws of England, with Registered in England No. 4647699 , and Registered Address: 1 & 2, 203 The Vale, London, United Kingdom. W3 7QS

The company is part of 'eekmasec Group' and the Parent company. The Group is Managed by 'eekmasec education solutions ltd', a London based company, under 'eekmasec Group' Corporate Governance Policy.

For over 14years, ‘eekmasec systems UK ltd’ has provided Wireless Automation on Security & Safety for Buildings, Offices, Residential and Industrial Sites. The company has engaged in businesses in different part of the world, via Associate Companies, in areas of Sales, Solution Designing, Installation and Tailor-made Procurements.

Today, the company is playing a Key role on the REP delivery, which includes establishing a Manufacturing Plant in England, starting with designing & manufacturing of very large steam turbines, large plant generators, and electricity Generating & Transmission & Distribution systems, integrated with software (RPA & Fintech).

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